Sunday, March 23, 2014

On the verge of learning

I am in my mid 20’s now. That reminds me I no longer am a small kid or a pampered teenager.  It was like just yesterday I was a spoiled brat running and fooling around and today I stand here acting all smart and matured.
I have a lot to learn from this new life I’ve just started. I have miles to go thinking of which makes me all anxious. I still find myself as the same old person I was back then during my college days but I guess that’s obvious as it’s been just 9 months or so since I graduated. I still do have that rashness in me I’m trying to get rid of.
 I was a real menace back in my school days with so much of attitude and arrogance that pissed everyone who disliked me. Eventually with time, I underwent major transformation. I became silent and calm and I don’t even remember what evoked me. Today I am still the same; I still have that meekness in me.
The scenario is a little different now. With new environment and new people, I try hard keeping my decency and being pro active. I’ve made several attempts in overcoming my flaws and portray my talents and potentials in the best manner. With the pace I’m moving with my career, I kind of like this professional life here. I get to communicate with people that does boost in a lot of confidence in me.
Being an introvert, I faced many challenges. While it was as easy for me to sit on my desk and start my day with some paper works, it was as difficult to interact with clients and clarify their doubts. Sometimes that would just make me wonder where all of my guts and audacity went. This wasn’t really me.
Time teaches us everything. Soon enough I realized this wasn’t my true potential which did help me overcome everything that came as a barrier between me and my dreams. I learned to take up challenges boldly and I no longer fear facing people for I realized our greatest strengths lie in our biggest fear. Hence, this fear of mine, at the end came as strength to me.


  1. Only today I stalked across your blog and I say your write ups are indeed great. I admire the way you put up words. Please, do keep writing more, Dema.