Friday, March 14, 2014

Seeking Happiness Within

Life puts us in countless situations; some are easy some are tough. Challenges come our way, when it does we usually doesn’t accept it so well, not until we are really serious about life. We live with an aim, the dream to see success and prosperity our entire life.

When we live, we live with dissatisfaction. Frustration over take our emotions and compel us to act in ways that lead to self desolation and misery. Not being able to accomplish one’s desires, not meeting one’s goals and objectives, not being satisfied with one’s achievements, brings in a lot of unhappiness and chaos in our life. There are many reasons to blame life, of not being fair and equal. Our complaints never end; we are never happy and satisfied. Well this is life, the ultimate rule of life.
But why do we need to achieve so many when we know that nothing in this world is permanent. Everything will turn into ashes someday; we are eventually going to die one day or the other. Why this discontentment and unhappiness?

A long time ago, when the world was not developed, everyone was happy with whatever they had. There were no cravings, greed and inequality amongst people. Those were the time when people were happy the most and had there been GNH concept in place, 100% would have achieved. There was no special reason for people to be happy and satisfied, they just knew they didn’t want anything beyond what is there for them, just enough for survival and a happy life.

With the development and advancement of the world, people have become greedy and selfish. Not caring for anyone and running after fulfillment of one’s own desires and wants have made people unhappy. Today no one is so happy with their life, not the richest person in the world is happy with the wealth he has. Does that not question the theory of development? Does it not mean that development is also an element of greed and selfishness? Of course individual perceptions differ and people may not see it to the angle I am seeing it. But nobody will deny that this world has become selfish and that people are no longer happy as they used to be some centuries ago.
So long as we seek happiness in the material wealth, we can never be happy. One can only find true happiness and joy from the very little act of generosity and love. Try it!

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  1. It's true and it is such a pity that many people think that only material wealth can make their life happy.