Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

26th October, the most memorable day of my life is here. I can never forget this day when I was brought to this world, welcomed by the smiles of my apa and tears (of joy) of my ama. This is the day of celebration and fun and I always make sure to remain happy the entire day and enjoy for this day is the most precious gift god could ever give me.
Every year October has been so promising and good to me. Of all the months I get excited on this particular month, not because my birthday falls on this month but because there are so many people (close) who have birthdays in the same month, the excitement of which is enormous.

Birthdays always delight me. Remembering the birth dates of people so close has come as a forte to me and I don’t like missing the very chance of wishing them for I believe this is one arena where I can give people the little happiness they deserve. 

My birthday this year has been an awesome one. Like every year I was showered with lots of greetings, wishes and blessings. Though away from my beloved parents, I was bestowed with their blessings and love, and this definitely made my day. 

As much as I get excited on my birthday, there is as well a little sadness. I have turned a year older today, which doesn’t please me and I assume I’ve become a little more matured and wise with it. But I wouldn’t want to miss the chance of thanking my parents and god for giving me this precious life and smile back. I thank god not just for giving me this life but for giving me such loving and caring parents, not just anyone but them!

I thank all of my well wishers and my best friend for making the day memorable, exciting and all the more fun. I wish and pray for such birthdays for many more years to come and god bless me with everything.

Happy Birthday to Me!!