Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fate

I wonder what life has for us. What fate awaits us nobody knows? Often loneliness is the best teacher. Those are the times when so many things strike our mind and we realize so much of things. How do I see myself after 5 or 10 years? I’ve never thought of it. I don’t suppose my life’s going to be the same as it is today. I definitely don’t see myself as the same old lethargic and care free person 10 years down the line. I still have faith in my fate.
We cannot predict our future. Am I going to be happy? Will my husband/wife love me throughout? Will I have a good life? Nobody knows! We human are bound to change and I definitely know that things won’t be the same again as it is today. We can expect the worst to come if that’s what’s written in our fate.

Often we curse our life for being so unfair and pathetic. Our desires never end; as much as we struggle to make our ends meet, our desires keeps on escalating. But what can we do? We are mere puppets and no matter what we do and how hard we struggle we cannot change what’s already reserved for us.

May be we should just stop blaming each other. Stop cursing each other and stop holding grudges, for whatever happened wasn’t within our limit perhaps. So many things happen in our life, the mishaps, miseries, or even the happiest times. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps for the good. Our fate decides what we are and how we live. It is our karma to live life as it comes, thus lets us face our karma. 

Let us not hate each other, let us not blame and curse each other for it is not within our reach to change our fate. We are mere dummies and dummies do not rebel, they are just controlled.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Heights of Cruelty

Seeing how things are so unpredictable and knowing how people change in a glance makes me sad. It is heart breaking to know how people can be so heartless sometimes, so blind folded to even differentiate well from bad. How can a person be so ruthless to even run from their responsibilities? How can a person not show a little compassion, if not to strangers, to their own blood? 
Why divorce cases are huge in number these days? Why do people marry in the first place if they are to separate? Why do people not understand that their decision can hamper many lives all together? Why can’t people adjust and compromise for good sometimes? Why does hatred outrun love? Thinking of which makes me lose faith in such things.

I don’t dislike marriage as such, but I just hate the word “Divorce”. I am not against remarriages as well so long as they take responsibility of the innocent lives and not discard them.
People marry because they love each other and of what I know, marriage is supposed to bind two people forever. Today’s scenario is such that the purity of marriage is lost in the world of lies and cheats. But does that mean one can run from their responsibilities? Does that free them off their duty towards securing their child’s future? Does that mean they no longer are related to their kids? How can people be so cruel?

I only wish and pray people understand the true meaning of relationships. I only wish there may never come a day when people would have stopped believing in relationships, the only thing that binds human being from each other. There may never come a day when the humans would have lost their humanity and create havoc of this heavenly land.

Falling in love is easy, but keeping faith and being committed is as difficult.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Creepy Tale

“Corporate Governance is the process of supervision and control,” Mr. Fred our tutor in corporate governance would begin the very first hour of the class. In his American accent, whatever he spoke or taught was like Latin and Greek to me because nothing could get inside my head, other than the definition that he repeatedly cite. Throughout the class I was like lost, drowsy and into my own fantasies.  I barely understood anything.

Though his teachings set me into sleep, one thing that always caught my attention was his sense of humor. Every day the class begins with interesting riddles that he brings for us, which is tricky and challenging I must say. Apart from this and his interesting stories that he narrates, the lecture part really does bore me and that is the time when day dreaming takes its course.

There is this very creepy story he used to tell us every day, wonder whether it is true or not. He always mentions about Alice. “Alice” he would say is a spirit, a ghost rather who stays with him in the same quarter as he is. A ghost! My heart started pounding unusually fast, the thought of which made me anxious. It was spooky.

He would share his experience with Alice, like how she used to nag him and not let him sleep. The entire class would just burst out laughing and making fun, but I wonder whether this could be true. If it was, then I can’t imagine the kind of torture and trauma he must be going through every day.  In between every lecture, he would mention about this ghost friend of his and how he came to adjust with her. His stories were strange, uncanny at times. It is hard to believe such things, but from what we heard earlier about the haunted house, it sure does give me goose bumps.

Heard a lot about the evil spirits and ghosts and to be living with such beliefs is difficult sometimes. Stories like those are many, forget about the houses of others, but the very thought about my own room being haunted scares me to death. Are these beliefs true? Do ghosts really exist?

There are videos that reveal about the paranormal activities and believing that there is the existence of a different world in itself is something weird. I wonder how our professor has been able to cope up with such situation.

However, the way our professor acts and behaves just somehow (in a funny way), force us not to believe in such stuffs and that his stories are all cooked up, maybe he doesn’t want to alarm us. But don’t know why, I kind of get the feeling that inside of him, there’s a big fear. Nobody can understand the feeling of being tortured by something that we cannot see, but the presence of it is always felt. Creepy, very creepy!!!

Creative Writing

“I dare to say all that I dare to do.”                                           - Michele de Montaigne

What does it mean to write? Why do people who write consider it as their passion? Why writing has to be good and creative? Well I didn’t know it either.
Let me share my experience on this very topic ‘Writing’. Writing, to me was nothing less than a boring and indeed a time consuming activity, I never had the slightest interest in doing so or appreciating people who did though. That was the reason; I never developed any habit of reading books, not even news papers.

Even so, I enjoyed attending English lectures because I was very much fond of listening to stories and songs. I preferred listening to stories then actually going through it myself, which I believed to be as just a waste and the very fact could be that I always liked taking short cuts.

Whenever I was assigned the task of writing essays or stories, I would always nag my dad to do that for me. I never wanted things to get any harder or difficult, probably because I was too sluggish to do that. I could never convince my dad on having my work done. He never believed in spoon feeding, perhaps because he’d had a difficult life and that he wanted me to realize that easy short cuts will do no good.  “Write it for yourself and I’ll do the corrections”, he would always say. I suffered a lot not being able to write a single sentence, had no one to help, which made me look pathetic.
But today, when I look into it, I think whatever my dad did was right. When I reflect back, I realize I was so wrong and am thankful to him for being too harsh then.

Ask for yourself, what does it mean to write? Does jotting down every little thing you feel and experience writing? Well if it’s so, I write! Today, I’m not that old lethargic person I used to be, I don’t nag my dad anymore and I don’t complain over having to write long essays and stories. In fact I have started to love it, the feeling and the contentment that I get is beyond what words can express.
The urge to write more is now rooted deep within me and every single moment I get to spare; I jot down few of the things that I feel can form wonderful stories to tell, some of which can be seen in the Writers Association of Bhutan, an association where all energetic and dynamic Bhutanese writers contribute their ideas and writings
I wonder whether it was a mere coincidence or my luck that, fortunately I’ve been selected to attend a workshop, what is called “The intensive creative writing workshop”. It was a workshop about how to go about with creative writing and provided us with some guidelines on it. Creative writing is a broader term which includes writing of stories, fiction and non-fiction, poems and songs.
The workshop has helped us develop a better insight towards observing and looking at things in writer’s point of view. It made us realize that stories come from our everyday lives and that there is nothing to think so hard. Keep writing, never stop and after you are done, read it loud. You’ll notice that you have in fact come up with something good, something you have never expected of and this is indeed the charm of writing with a free mind. This is creative writing!
The important points covered during the seminar about how to come up with a good piece of writing are,
  • Active listening
  • Free writing
  • Keeping the channel open
  • Sensory details
  • Focused view (One inch window)
All these points are essential in creative writing and can guide us towards improving our writing skills, provided we keep the flow and practice. This workshop has in fact helped me overcome my shyness and face the challenges that come our way. On the spot writing of stories, poems with sensory details, visualizing the images and understanding the writer’s point of view had been the best part. I’ve never imagined that given a situation, I can in fact write something so confidently. It has indeed been an awesome experience for me and for the entire team attending this very workshop.
After this, I can confidently say that I can become a good writer and bear in mind everything that has been taught, the exercises that we carried out and the lessons that we learned. I am thus proud to have been a part of such an event and proud that I am moving ahead, and putting efforts in coming up with more interesting write ups.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Being ordinary in an extraordinary way

I am no princess. Nothing extraordinary depicts my personality. I am just this simple creature who’s living every bit of this life. There’s nothing attractive about me, nothing appealing to have everyone love me. I don’t have the kind of charisma everyone is after and I don’t belong to the revered class of society.
I don’t have the kind of personality that would make it easier for me to shower words of praises or achieved any merits that would make me a celebrity. That makes me a ‘No One’ and I don’t find any suitable word to describe my existence.
If asked to describe myself, I wouldn’t have much to say. I don’t have anything to boast about and being a simple person, I don’t precisely have anything to say to portray who I really am. Sometimes, I would just land up asking myself the same question, to which I probably don’t have an answer.
In spite of all these, I still wouldn’t describe myself ugly or good for nothing lass. I wouldn’t belittle myself and my self esteem. I may not have the pretty face, I may not be the richest of all and I may not have the brain of Einstein but I do have a heart, that’s priceless.
Despite every flaws and tribulations, I still am content with this life of mine. I am an ordinary being and I am in fact proud of it. There’s no point comparing myself to others for I know no one can play my role better than me. There can never be another ‘Gayleg Dema’ and this is what makes me special and unique from everything else.
My outlook on life has changed. The way I perceive things and myself today is way too different and positive. I have stopped comparing; I have stopped blaming and getting upset over minute things. Rather I’ve learned to be happy and satisfied with whatever I have. I have started treating myself special in my own small ways and seriously that works.