Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Being ordinary in an extraordinary way

I am no princess. Nothing extraordinary depicts my personality. I am just this simple creature who’s living every bit of this life. There’s nothing attractive about me, nothing appealing to have everyone love me. I don’t have the kind of charisma everyone is after and I don’t belong to the revered class of society.
I don’t have the kind of personality that would make it easier for me to shower words of praises or achieved any merits that would make me a celebrity. That makes me a ‘No One’ and I don’t find any suitable word to describe my existence.
If asked to describe myself, I wouldn’t have much to say. I don’t have anything to boast about and being a simple person, I don’t precisely have anything to say to portray who I really am. Sometimes, I would just land up asking myself the same question, to which I probably don’t have an answer.
In spite of all these, I still wouldn’t describe myself ugly or good for nothing lass. I wouldn’t belittle myself and my self esteem. I may not have the pretty face, I may not be the richest of all and I may not have the brain of Einstein but I do have a heart, that’s priceless.
Despite every flaws and tribulations, I still am content with this life of mine. I am an ordinary being and I am in fact proud of it. There’s no point comparing myself to others for I know no one can play my role better than me. There can never be another ‘Gayleg Dema’ and this is what makes me special and unique from everything else.
My outlook on life has changed. The way I perceive things and myself today is way too different and positive. I have stopped comparing; I have stopped blaming and getting upset over minute things. Rather I’ve learned to be happy and satisfied with whatever I have. I have started treating myself special in my own small ways and seriously that works.


  1. I was wondering if we two are alike ^^

  2. Haha...Seems like we share common thoughts..huh.