Friday, April 22, 2016

Life Traits

Life seems like a whole bunch of mess. We never know what might happen in the coming days or how things might turn out. What we are going through now was never predicted yesterday nor can we say for exact what may come our way tomorrow.

It’s all surprising. Nothing goes as planned and with the amount of trust we lay upon each other, with the amount of expectations we have from each other, life can really get burdensome. Happiness is defined in many ways by many people and as much as we derive satisfaction from life, we derive equal happiness, irrespective of whether the intentions are good or bad. 

There are varied circumstances, varied natures and varied ways of dealing with things. Life is not always complicated but it’s the situation and the manner we react to that’s complicated. Our thinking and attitude define us and more so the type of vibes we are surrounded with.

There is this human tendency of reacting to things sooner than we could think of a better solution. We are often confronted with circumstances that are out of our control and make reckless decisions we repent on later. Things cannot always go our way and life cannot always be a bed of roses. 

Everyone has a tale to tell, a story to narrate. Nobody is perfect and it is this differences and flaws that make us human. There comes a point in life when we feel like everything is falling apart, we feel lowly, distressed and get caught up with the feeling of being scorned. Life may get tiresome to the point of wanting to give up on everything; it can be cunning and brutal. 
Life can teach us a lot of things, in fact a lot more of lessons than we might possibly anticipate. World has turned chaotic. Every day is a new beginning; an end to yesterday and a dream of tomorrow. We never know when might our end be and until when our existence might hold us. We don’t know how life will treat us, will it be any better or worse, but despite all the uncertainties and amid all the flaws we still yearn to live a longer life.

Our life is like a roller coaster ride, it has its ups and downs and despite all of it we still find our excitement in every stage and it is entirely on us whether to scream or enjoy the ride. Things need not be done to perfection; it can get messy sometimes and it is completely ok to accept life as it comes.