Friday, March 14, 2014

Yes! I am happy

If asked whether I was ever happy, I would say yes I am. I am happy with my life and why wouldn’t I? With parents so loving and caring and with friends as the best companion, I am very happy with my life. I have the most hard working and loving mother, who look after everyone in the house, who faces a lot of hurdles and who in fact is the chairperson of the family. I have the most intelligent and diligent father, who works hard and earns for the family and who understands me the best. I have the best sisters who care for me, who always understand my needs and solves my problems. I have this very wonderful brother-in-law who always encourages me to learn more and identify my true potentials, who is scary (literally) at first glance (meaning man with few words), but very dynamic in nature, no wonder my sister’s so happy with her life today. And I have this very cute little niece who always leaves me with amusement, who startles me with her innocent and in fact amazing questions and who always makes me laugh with her funny dance moves and songs.

With all these, I am happy, I am happy to have such wonderful and caring family. In life, I’ve always been praised of my wit (compared to my sisters) which makes my dad so proud and my mom so glad. For each and every step I was guided well by my parents, sisters and in-law, for which I really am very grateful. So how can one not be happy when you have so many people, loving and caring for you?

I am happy, I am happy with what I have and with what I am now.

However, when it comes to being away from my parents, I am a lonely person. As such I am a loner, who loves being left alone. This was the habit adopted after what happened to me (a great turning point of my life). After which I needed nothing but to simply remain by myself. That doesn’t mean I am a weirdo without any friends. I do have friends but I can hardly mingle with them. Me remaining alone most of the time was sympathetic for people around me, but I never bothered. What’s important to me wasn’t what people think about me, but how I was living and what made me happy. I just seek happiness in me.

No matter what I am and how I am now, I still am me and whenever I need to be happy I just close my eyes, visualize everyone at home and wear a big smile and this is just enough!! Sorrow and hurdles are a part of our life and we are meant to accept this with great courage. That’s how life’s meant to be, that’s how we’re suppose to face the reality and that’s how we are supposed to be our selves at good and bad times. Only then life will be worth living. Therefore think positive, be optimistic and enjoy the beauty of life. Like I said, “I Am Happy” and so should everyone.


  1. It's good that you knew what you felt deep inside you. Continue being grateful as it will attract the positive things happening into your life :)

  2. Thank you a lot for going through all of my write ups..I appreciate all the comments you've made...:D

  3. It's my pleasure. I'm really enjoying all your writing la! And nice meeting you! :)