Friday, March 14, 2014

Syndrome of writing good

I don’t precisely remember why I started writing at the first place. Writing and reading books weren’t my passion; in fact I never participated in such events. I don’t remember when was the last time I read or wrote something. I have not considered myself an awful writer even if I have not read much books. That is because the highest mark I scored was in English subject which had surprised my closest friends then. Maybe that’s the gift that I inherited from my dad, I had thought. But now, realizing to become a good writer without reading surprises me a lot.

The first time I read something was when I was in my high school. It was a reading week in the school and the management made it mandatory for all the students to actively involve in the event. It required us to select a book, any book and maintain a journal of it. Without much of interest, I recklessly picked a book and started reading. The book talked all about vampires and blood suckers, which made my journey enjoyable and at times frightening. I continued maintaining my journal, kept it updated every time I covered a chapter and finally after a week I could complete it.

It came by as a big surprise when I was announced third in the reading week journal competition. I was honored to receive the prize from our education minister Lyenpo Thakur S Powdyel. It was my first ever writing award and I was so happy and indeed proud of myself.

I visited library once in the blue moon, and just randomly go through some of the books. I knew reading could mould me into being a good writer and help me come up with new ideas and knowledge, but I never took the time to do so.
To be honest, I didn’t like reading books, I hardly read any. Seeing my friends reading novels, spending time in library was so irritating and annoying. I never realized its importance; I was just so egoistic and didn’t want to rely on other’s ideas or ways of writing. But I was so wrong about it.

Soon I came to realize that my writings were just becoming monotonous and way too simple. It had no added ingredients to attract readers and this made me wonder, what if I read books that are inspiring and life enriching – would I be then a better writer? Can it really change the way I perceive things and the way I look into it? Will I then be able to gain readers’ attention? These thoughts kept haunting me.

When I see people so good in writing and expressing their thoughts, I envy them. It kind of inspires me a lot, to be like them, to write like them. The first time I started writing in WAB was when I was struggling and battling with so many thoughts wandering in my mind that I had to speak my heart out. I wanted to express my feelings, I wanted to write, and that’s when I joined WAB. That’s when I was introduced to this very association.

I feel being a member of WAB is my greatest achievement. It is the platform that gives me courage and inspiration to identify my true potential. Someone once said that “In order to improve your writing skills, it is must that you inculcate in yourself the habit of reading. No matter what it is, even if it’s about reading a line or two, just read”. Those words always struck my mind whenever I think of writing something. It really does help and makes differences.

You know what is the most difficult thing for me when I think of writing something? ‘The Topic!” I’m always stuck by the thought as to what to write about. The moment I am done with a suitable title, and then I just can’t stop myself from moving my pen. It just continues, the flow never seem to be ending.

I was so much obsessed by the thought of what to write next. I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to write and this just drove me crazy. It’s been long since I wrote in WAB and I felt insecure, like something was missing, I wanted to write and just write.

Writing has now become my passion, though today I am not as good a writer like others but someday I can. Even today when I hear about creative writing or writing competitions, I just go gaga over it. I intend to learn more and write more and the workshop I am attending on creative writing has in fact came as a blessing in disguise, where I am taught on the various aspects of a good writer and how to go about with a good piece of writing. So hopefully I can be able to utilize this well, and be able to apply whatever I learned in order to become a good writer.

Thanks to many who have inspired provided me with such a platform, today I am able to express my thoughts and begin my journey towards becoming a better writer.


  1. Actually you are such a good writer. Writing doesn't have to be flowery or complicated although it may add some emotions and feeling on it. Simple writing can be good too as it is easy to understand and I guess even the person doesn't like to read, can actually enjoy reading what you write. Just follow and do what you think best for you and keep writing!

  2. Writing has always been my passion. It's a way of expression and I think there's nothing better than to write and bring your thoughts down, as is said "Thoughts shape up when you put them down." Thank you for your compliment..hehehe