Monday, July 14, 2014

Tempus fugit

As I was going through some of the pictures taken a few years back, I realized how time has passed so fast. I took some time staring at those pictures wondering how everything has changed and it was in fact a very quick change.  These nostalgic vibes keep coming back for me making me long for the same.
Time flies by very soon. We become too busy with our daily works that we don’t realize the pace of time. Life goes on. No matter what twists and turns it may bring, time heals everything. 
It was like just yesterday I was a college going student with no worries, pampered and immature. Nothing other than the last moment studies of exams tensed me and I had nothing to do with the elderly talks or gatherings. I was happy as a jolly and fun loving teenager.
I have always wished to relive my past. There were memories, good and bad, lessons, love, friendship and fun. I was a menace as well but that didn’t hamper my life or the people close to me. I may not be proud of so many things that I have done in the past but I still am thankful for the life I had back then which gave me so many beautiful memories I still yearn for. 
I still miss those days. I cannot express how much I long for the good times I had eight years ago. That was the best times I have ever had, the life I have lived with all my heart. Those were the best moments of my life. 
Reminiscence of the past warms my heart. I have lived my dream then, and hence I was the happiest person. Regardless of minute issues life brought in, there was nothing I feared of. I wished time could just stop. 
Today is a different story for me. A new time, new environment and new people. Sometimes I find myself surrounded by a bunch of aliens not knowing where to go or what to do. It’s a complete new chapter of my life, a completely different person, alive but lost.
It saddens me sometimes. Looking at how everything changes makes me sad. We cannot win against the race of time, we never had. All we need to do is live like there’s no tomorrow and make every moment special for at the end all it remains is memories.