Monday, October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

26th October, the most memorable day of my life is here. I can never forget this day when I was brought to this world, welcomed by the smiles of my apa and tears (of joy) of my ama. This is the day of celebration and fun and I always make sure to remain happy the entire day and enjoy for this day is the most precious gift god could ever give me.
Every year October has been so promising and good to me. Of all the months I get excited on this particular month, not because my birthday falls on this month but because there are so many people (close) who have birthdays in the same month, the excitement of which is enormous.

Birthdays always delight me. Remembering the birth dates of people so close has come as a forte to me and I don’t like missing the very chance of wishing them for I believe this is one arena where I can give people the little happiness they deserve. 

My birthday this year has been an awesome one. Like every year I was showered with lots of greetings, wishes and blessings. Though away from my beloved parents, I was bestowed with their blessings and love, and this definitely made my day. 

As much as I get excited on my birthday, there is as well a little sadness. I have turned a year older today, which doesn’t please me and I assume I’ve become a little more matured and wise with it. But I wouldn’t want to miss the chance of thanking my parents and god for giving me this precious life and smile back. I thank god not just for giving me this life but for giving me such loving and caring parents, not just anyone but them!

I thank all of my well wishers and my best friend for making the day memorable, exciting and all the more fun. I wish and pray for such birthdays for many more years to come and god bless me with everything.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Letter to God

Dear God
Thank you!! Today as I opened my eyes, I was happy to see myself blessed with this beautiful life for another day. I am thankful to you for giving me this precious and in fact a beautiful life. I cannot express how fortunate I am to have been born to this beautiful land, where Buddhism flourishes blessing every single being.

I know I have not been able to live up to your expectations and always made you sad. I know I have annoyed you and made you regret on your decision to spare me another day a several times. I have let you down and most often I forget to chant my prayers and remember you. I am utterly sorry for all these.

I am still like a child. I make mistakes and often fail to distinguish good and bad. I sometimes nag my parents too much and irritate them; I pick fight with my younger sisters and brag about being my daddy’s’ favorite. I get jealous when my friends make new companion and spend more time with them. I beg my pardon for all these little mischief. 

Dear god, you have always been around, looking after me and listening to all of my prayers. You helped me when I had no one to lean on and helped me overcome my fears. You gave me everything and I cannot imagine what would become of me without you. 

They say god helps those who help themselves, but as for me I have always found you so considerate and benevolent. You have showered me with your love, blessings and compassion in every moment of my life and this has made my life worth living and in fact living happily. Of course there are times when I have complained and often cursed this life of some of the miseries it brought in, but I sincerely don’t mean anything I’ve said or done to hurt you dear god.

I know I am lazy enough to go visit you, especially during auspicious days, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worship you or remember you. You are always in my heart. Thank you dear god, for bearing with me and my stubbornness and I’m sorry for my forgetful mind that often makes me skip my prayers, for not visiting you often and making offerings. I know this hurt, but I assure you that you’re always loved and worshiped. You are always remembered and forever respected.

Gayleg Dema

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Battle with Self

It is funny how people make fuss out of small things and dirty the entire environment. Often there comes a time when we are tested of our patience and messes everything in a blink of an eye. We cannot predict what is going to happen or what the outcome of our actions will be. Sometimes we just react so carelessly and later repent on our deed.
Life is cruel sometimes, or is it the people? There are varied natures of people, often difficult to deal with, the worst, when mood swing takes its toll. It is a common observation, this thing; we know it as mood swing. 

Everyone has problems in life. Every moment one or the other person suffers from personal, professional and financial turbulence. We fight different battles and this is often the cause of changes in our mood or behavior. We cannot go around blaming each other for this is something unavoidable, to some extent.
A little bit of patience and a little bit of tolerance is what is expected of us. We cannot always remain constant with our emotions. These things are bound to happen every day and every moment of our life. The best remedy is just to accept it the way it is, for it is a temporary emotion and we cannot ruin our years of relationship for a temporary feeling. 
Mood swings are common. Even I do experience this, very often. We cannot just ignore our problems and fake a smile sometimes; it isn’t as easy as it is to say. I’ve been trying to fight this for I know exactly how the people at the other end may feel; just the way I feel when I have to tolerate their mood. I’ve tried my best to cheer myself up, and tell myself that everything is going to be all right.
We are wronged and bad mouthed sometimes but I feel it is OK and don’t really mind this things actually. It has become a common trend, don’t know about others, but as far as I have known, it’s amongst us. Every day one person or the other fight this battle, a battle with self and it will be so immature of us to not understand their plight and wrong them.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tempus fugit

As I was going through some of the pictures taken a few years back, I realized how time has passed so fast. I took some time staring at those pictures wondering how everything has changed and it was in fact a very quick change.  These nostalgic vibes keep coming back for me making me long for the same.
Time flies by very soon. We become too busy with our daily works that we don’t realize the pace of time. Life goes on. No matter what twists and turns it may bring, time heals everything. 
It was like just yesterday I was a college going student with no worries, pampered and immature. Nothing other than the last moment studies of exams tensed me and I had nothing to do with the elderly talks or gatherings. I was happy as a jolly and fun loving teenager.
I have always wished to relive my past. There were memories, good and bad, lessons, love, friendship and fun. I was a menace as well but that didn’t hamper my life or the people close to me. I may not be proud of so many things that I have done in the past but I still am thankful for the life I had back then which gave me so many beautiful memories I still yearn for. 
I still miss those days. I cannot express how much I long for the good times I had eight years ago. That was the best times I have ever had, the life I have lived with all my heart. Those were the best moments of my life. 
Reminiscence of the past warms my heart. I have lived my dream then, and hence I was the happiest person. Regardless of minute issues life brought in, there was nothing I feared of. I wished time could just stop. 
Today is a different story for me. A new time, new environment and new people. Sometimes I find myself surrounded by a bunch of aliens not knowing where to go or what to do. It’s a complete new chapter of my life, a completely different person, alive but lost.
It saddens me sometimes. Looking at how everything changes makes me sad. We cannot win against the race of time, we never had. All we need to do is live like there’s no tomorrow and make every moment special for at the end all it remains is memories.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Looking into today’s scenario, things have changed a lot. The world has developed and with it people have changed. The mode of commutation has advanced, living standards has improved and people have become way too ambitious.
Today, everybody is striving for a better life, a good job and of course a handsome pay. With the increasing demand of people, with a competitive atmosphere, life of illiterates or perhaps those with lesser qualification find no luck with a good job. Every year is presented with hundreds and thousands of youths and graduates from every nook and corner of the world looking for a better job, a better security and a better life.

With the increasing population of unemployed, government finds it difficult to absorb all of them into government departments, thereby encouraging some to take up entrepreneurship. While many find government jobs to be more secure, some go for corporations and private agencies.
Things have turned rather confusing and complicated today. Experience is one factor that has knocked more than half of the job seekers out for these are the group of people who are either freshly graduated or new to the job market. There is no way they can gain experience when they are not even given a chance to prove their capabilities.

If experience is one criterion to get into jobs, does that mean that the young graduates don’t qualify for jobs at all? Is there no way for these frustrated youths? Do they not deserve a chance to prove themselves? This is a matter of concern for all those who have raised high hopes from the government and all other agencies who would recruit them.

There are thousands of unemployed youths loitering around. Some patiently waiting for their luck to favor them and some frustrated over their fate. The government is trying its best to absorb all of them into various agencies through various measures including overseas employment to provide a broader scope and exposure beyond the territory.

With this let us hope of a better and brighter future of the country as well as the youths who would ultimately secure and develop the country bringing in prosperity and happiness and take GNH to the heights of success.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fate

I wonder what life has for us. What fate awaits us nobody knows? Often loneliness is the best teacher. Those are the times when so many things strike our mind and we realize so much of things. How do I see myself after 5 or 10 years? I’ve never thought of it. I don’t suppose my life’s going to be the same as it is today. I definitely don’t see myself as the same old lethargic and care free person 10 years down the line. I still have faith in my fate.
We cannot predict our future. Am I going to be happy? Will my husband/wife love me throughout? Will I have a good life? Nobody knows! We human are bound to change and I definitely know that things won’t be the same again as it is today. We can expect the worst to come if that’s what’s written in our fate.

Often we curse our life for being so unfair and pathetic. Our desires never end; as much as we struggle to make our ends meet, our desires keeps on escalating. But what can we do? We are mere puppets and no matter what we do and how hard we struggle we cannot change what’s already reserved for us.

May be we should just stop blaming each other. Stop cursing each other and stop holding grudges, for whatever happened wasn’t within our limit perhaps. So many things happen in our life, the mishaps, miseries, or even the happiest times. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps for the good. Our fate decides what we are and how we live. It is our karma to live life as it comes, thus lets us face our karma. 

Let us not hate each other, let us not blame and curse each other for it is not within our reach to change our fate. We are mere dummies and dummies do not rebel, they are just controlled.