Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Fate

I wonder what life has for us. What fate awaits us nobody knows? Often loneliness is the best teacher. Those are the times when so many things strike our mind and we realize so much of things. How do I see myself after 5 or 10 years? I’ve never thought of it. I don’t suppose my life’s going to be the same as it is today. I definitely don’t see myself as the same old lethargic and care free person 10 years down the line. I still have faith in my fate.
We cannot predict our future. Am I going to be happy? Will my husband/wife love me throughout? Will I have a good life? Nobody knows! We human are bound to change and I definitely know that things won’t be the same again as it is today. We can expect the worst to come if that’s what’s written in our fate.

Often we curse our life for being so unfair and pathetic. Our desires never end; as much as we struggle to make our ends meet, our desires keeps on escalating. But what can we do? We are mere puppets and no matter what we do and how hard we struggle we cannot change what’s already reserved for us.

May be we should just stop blaming each other. Stop cursing each other and stop holding grudges, for whatever happened wasn’t within our limit perhaps. So many things happen in our life, the mishaps, miseries, or even the happiest times. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps for the good. Our fate decides what we are and how we live. It is our karma to live life as it comes, thus lets us face our karma. 

Let us not hate each other, let us not blame and curse each other for it is not within our reach to change our fate. We are mere dummies and dummies do not rebel, they are just controlled.


  1. Exactly what I often think of too... Keep writing Dema!

  2. Thank you Rima Reyka for going through this...:D

  3. "It is our karma to live life as it comes", so true.
    We can't control everything no matter how hard we try. Somethings are just meant to happen. And so, don't live in the past nor the future, seize the moment. :)

  4. I agree with you Joyce. We should just stop dwelling in the past for we never know what future awaits us, perhaps a better life is just around the corner. Thank you for visiting...:)