Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Creepy Tale

“Corporate Governance is the process of supervision and control,” Mr. Fred our tutor in corporate governance would begin the very first hour of the class. In his American accent, whatever he spoke or taught was like Latin and Greek to me because nothing could get inside my head, other than the definition that he repeatedly cite. Throughout the class I was like lost, drowsy and into my own fantasies.  I barely understood anything.

Though his teachings set me into sleep, one thing that always caught my attention was his sense of humor. Every day the class begins with interesting riddles that he brings for us, which is tricky and challenging I must say. Apart from this and his interesting stories that he narrates, the lecture part really does bore me and that is the time when day dreaming takes its course.

There is this very creepy story he used to tell us every day, wonder whether it is true or not. He always mentions about Alice. “Alice” he would say is a spirit, a ghost rather who stays with him in the same quarter as he is. A ghost! My heart started pounding unusually fast, the thought of which made me anxious. It was spooky.

He would share his experience with Alice, like how she used to nag him and not let him sleep. The entire class would just burst out laughing and making fun, but I wonder whether this could be true. If it was, then I can’t imagine the kind of torture and trauma he must be going through every day.  In between every lecture, he would mention about this ghost friend of his and how he came to adjust with her. His stories were strange, uncanny at times. It is hard to believe such things, but from what we heard earlier about the haunted house, it sure does give me goose bumps.

Heard a lot about the evil spirits and ghosts and to be living with such beliefs is difficult sometimes. Stories like those are many, forget about the houses of others, but the very thought about my own room being haunted scares me to death. Are these beliefs true? Do ghosts really exist?

There are videos that reveal about the paranormal activities and believing that there is the existence of a different world in itself is something weird. I wonder how our professor has been able to cope up with such situation.

However, the way our professor acts and behaves just somehow (in a funny way), force us not to believe in such stuffs and that his stories are all cooked up, maybe he doesn’t want to alarm us. But don’t know why, I kind of get the feeling that inside of him, there’s a big fear. Nobody can understand the feeling of being tortured by something that we cannot see, but the presence of it is always felt. Creepy, very creepy!!!

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