Monday, June 30, 2014


Looking into today’s scenario, things have changed a lot. The world has developed and with it people have changed. The mode of commutation has advanced, living standards has improved and people have become way too ambitious.
Today, everybody is striving for a better life, a good job and of course a handsome pay. With the increasing demand of people, with a competitive atmosphere, life of illiterates or perhaps those with lesser qualification find no luck with a good job. Every year is presented with hundreds and thousands of youths and graduates from every nook and corner of the world looking for a better job, a better security and a better life.

With the increasing population of unemployed, government finds it difficult to absorb all of them into government departments, thereby encouraging some to take up entrepreneurship. While many find government jobs to be more secure, some go for corporations and private agencies.
Things have turned rather confusing and complicated today. Experience is one factor that has knocked more than half of the job seekers out for these are the group of people who are either freshly graduated or new to the job market. There is no way they can gain experience when they are not even given a chance to prove their capabilities.

If experience is one criterion to get into jobs, does that mean that the young graduates don’t qualify for jobs at all? Is there no way for these frustrated youths? Do they not deserve a chance to prove themselves? This is a matter of concern for all those who have raised high hopes from the government and all other agencies who would recruit them.

There are thousands of unemployed youths loitering around. Some patiently waiting for their luck to favor them and some frustrated over their fate. The government is trying its best to absorb all of them into various agencies through various measures including overseas employment to provide a broader scope and exposure beyond the territory.

With this let us hope of a better and brighter future of the country as well as the youths who would ultimately secure and develop the country bringing in prosperity and happiness and take GNH to the heights of success.