Monday, April 7, 2014

Heights of Cruelty

Seeing how things are so unpredictable and knowing how people change in a glance makes me sad. It is heart breaking to know how people can be so heartless sometimes, so blind folded to even differentiate well from bad. How can a person be so ruthless to even run from their responsibilities? How can a person not show a little compassion, if not to strangers, to their own blood? 
Why divorce cases are huge in number these days? Why do people marry in the first place if they are to separate? Why do people not understand that their decision can hamper many lives all together? Why can’t people adjust and compromise for good sometimes? Why does hatred outrun love? Thinking of which makes me lose faith in such things.

I don’t dislike marriage as such, but I just hate the word “Divorce”. I am not against remarriages as well so long as they take responsibility of the innocent lives and not discard them.
People marry because they love each other and of what I know, marriage is supposed to bind two people forever. Today’s scenario is such that the purity of marriage is lost in the world of lies and cheats. But does that mean one can run from their responsibilities? Does that free them off their duty towards securing their child’s future? Does that mean they no longer are related to their kids? How can people be so cruel?

I only wish and pray people understand the true meaning of relationships. I only wish there may never come a day when people would have stopped believing in relationships, the only thing that binds human being from each other. There may never come a day when the humans would have lost their humanity and create havoc of this heavenly land.

Falling in love is easy, but keeping faith and being committed is as difficult.


  1. I again have the same thinking like you in this matter. Sometimes I wonder why people want to get married at the first place if they can't devote and commit themselves into it. At the end, it only brings more suffering into their lives :(

  2. You're right Reyka...the charm and purity of marriage is on the verge to extinction I guess. Let us pray this never happen. Let us contribute to the peace and happiness of this heavenly land and not pollute it.