Saturday, October 15, 2016

Me within her

Amidst the busy streets, she stood straight, wondering on a lot of things, unaware of the crowd and the chaos of the street.

Her life’s always been the same, revolving around her own fantasies and a very few good friends. She loved taking time off for herself when she wasn’t around her friends, that was probably the best she could do, reflecting on herself and being in her true form.

It is often so difficult to understand if you are ever happy, living a monotonous life, all by yourself. But she is in her best when she is just ‘Her’. I don’t call her unique, or find her weird in any way. She’s just taking her life smoothly in her very own way.

Oh! But that doesn’t mean she is a complete geek, or an old-fashioned country girl. She is fun loving, and an amazing lady when she’s out with her ‘very-few-good-friends’. She is so full of herself, so ordinary yet so amazingly unique.

She would not mind if she looked pretty or messy or even ugly. She did not, at all feel anything around her so long as she knew her worth and keeping herself away from all that made her feel miserable, made her stronger by the day.

She’d shed tears sometimes. She’d shed tears not because she’s disappointed or sad or hurt. She’d shed tears realizing how incredibly wonderful she can be and despite the worst of her situation she’d still not give up and stand strong. Her vibes are so strong, too strong for anyone, just anyone to shake her or even break her into pieces.

I seek inspiration from ‘Her’. She keeps moving forward, irrespective of how things keep changing and she still wouldn’t stumble, a bit. Her hopes are always on the rise and no matter how people take her to be, she wouldn’t complain a word. The term ‘Loner’ doesn’t precisely apply here, but more than that she just enjoys her lone company more.

Life is an enigma. It’ll surprise you, it’ll provoke you and there’ll be vibes of many kinds. And when things get out of control and you lose your grip, there’s but one thing that keeps you going- your never ending faith in yourself. She understands this, and that’s probably how she perfectly manages to balance her life, spending lone time and as well keeping her ties with the world outside.

She and I are no different though. I see myself through her and that best compliments us, me within her as one complete soul. 

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