Monday, July 4, 2016

Confused Creature

Why did you have to me make me so fragile and delicate? I am afraid I’m breaking into pieces. You must have run out of resources when creating me or perhaps you thought I was capable.
Why did you have to make me look so pathetic? I think I’m just going to die being nothing less than a coward.
Why did it have to be me? Why am I always misunderstood? Did u perhaps forget something? Or you just did this on purpose? 

I don’t even have the guts to commit suicide or to harm myself in any way. I thought this life was a gift from you but you made me so flimsy and feeble I’m not able to cope. Your gift is way too much to accept, at least to a world like this.

Should I be happy? You created me this way and you made me so soft and sensitive. I don’t think I belong to this world. There is no softness here; there is no room for sensitive people like me. You probably made a mistake sending me here; it should have been another world.
Oh Lord! There is nothing you can do now. It cannot be undone; I cannot leave this place now, not until I put an end to it myself. But I am not strong. I don’t have the courage to end this and I don’t have the nerve to go against the law of creation. 

I will spread my arms and embrace everything. You can take me to the world I belong to or give me the strength to fight this. Being flawless is exceptional, I do not wish for it. You know I feel suffocated, strangled by my own flaws I feel tortured. 

What got into you when creating me? Did you really think I could manage? Or are you punishing me for some reason? I know I’m not good enough but that’s how you made me. I am your creation and I find you within me. Do you also share the same pain?

This is getting more difficult. I feel lost in the labyrinth of my own thoughts, and I feel weak.
Dear God, your creations are amazing. I am glad you made me, although with much of sensitivity but I still respect you. I wish you understand me. I wish you help me get out of this and show me the right path.

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