Thursday, July 6, 2017

Of silence and secrets

She cared enough,
But there’s no point.
Her efforts wasn’t worthy enough,
And all it did was break her.

Her silence had a lot hidden,
It went unnoticed, and in vain.
She wore smiles,
Broad and heavy smiles.

She had secrets,
Weighing heavy on her heart.
But no! she wouldn’t complain,
She wouldn’t utter a word.

She had fears nobody knew of,
Nightmares that haunt her down.
She still wore smiles.
Stuck up in the labyrinth,
But still smiling hard.

No one knew,
No one dug deep into her.
She was right there,
Amidst the crowd, seeking for some light.
But on one noticed,
Her feelings hidden within the smile,
No one saw, what she needed them to see.

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