Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A hearts’ call

And sometimes when I feel low,
I would want you to be there for me,
I would want you to tell me I am not alone,
And that you’d lend me your shoulder to lean on to.
I would want you to hug me tight,
And tell me everything will be okay
That you’re here, right beside me..

Just sometimes when I am not myself,
I need you to tell me it’s alright,
That It’s completely alright to lose control sometimes..
I need you to kiss me on my forehead,
And tell me you’ll never leave,
That you’ll hold me tight and not let go..

Tell me I am not alone, and that I deserve to be happy.
Tell me that you need me,
That we are meant to be and this is not a dream,

Tell me! All that I need to hear, Just tell me..

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